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21-09-2018 / Physician of the Year 2018

Castleman Warrior Physician of the Year:  Prof. Eric Oksenhendler
“My first introduction Dr. Oksenhendler was through a really scary journal article that I read of his….luckily, our relationship has gotten better since then. More recently, he started a Castleman disease center in Paris, France. I had an opportunity to go there with Shiela to see the opening of the center a few months ago, and I was so impressed to see the enthusiasm and energy they are putting into Castleman Disease there, all through Eric’s leadership. He has a really great team around him. He has historically made a huge impact on the disease and is really pushing things forward right now. It is my privilege to welcome and honor Dr. Oksenhendler as this year’s Physician of the Year.” 

- David Fajgenbaum, MD


Physician of the Year 2018
Le Pr Eric Oksenhendler
récompensé pour le travail du Centre de Référence Français
Publication du PNDS
27 Novembre 2019

Le PNDS Maladie de Castleman
est mis en ligne sur le site de l'HAS

Mutation de PDGFRB
Mutation gain de fonction
dans la Maladie de Castleman Unicentrique HV
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